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Luna & Quartz - Intention Candle


Harness Good Vibes with our crystal and herbal infused intention candle. This candle is an extension of our Good Vibes Kit and comes with a mini intention card. 

|| known as nature’s tranquilizer, brings calming peaceful and protective energy.
Adornments || Amethyst, Lavender buds, White Sage, and Palo Santo chips.

|| Rosemary + Sage. 

New Moon | The New Moon is a time of new beginnings, setting intentions, attracting new people and opportunities into your life. If ever a time to ask for the things your dreams are made of, this is the moon phase. 

Green Aventurine // said to be the luckiest of all crystals, draws opportunity and luck to those that are just near it.

Adornments ||Rose - Love, Sage - Purification & Protection, Chamomile - Luck & Abundance. 

Scent // Water Lilly, Lemongrass, Oak moss, Musk, and Clove Bud.

Full Moon || The Full Moon is a time of culmination, releasing what no longer serves, taking stock of all your accomplishments and manifestations since the New Moon. During this moon phase it is also a good time to set future manifestations for yourself and mother earth.

Rainbow Moonstone // strengthens intuition + psychic abilities, aids in lucid dreams, acts as a prism diffusing energy throughout the aura, and aligns one with the energy of the moon. + A variant of Labradorite +

Adornments ||Sage & Lavender - protection, love, and happiness. 

Scent // Lavender + Night Violet + Musk 

I AM: 

I Am | the most powerful way to proclaim what and who you are to the universe. Utilize this phrase to remind yourself everyday how ______________ you are. Write down your affirmation, or word, place it under your candle, and repeat daily. 

|| Blue lace agate and Jasmine flowers which represent love, beauty, and sensuality.  

Blue Lace Agate || a stone of communication as it helps one to be heard, boosts confidence, and articulates ones truths. 

Scent || Neroli + Jasmine + Confidence  




Soy wax | hand poured

4 oz glass / cork lid / recycled glass
Write your intention, words, phrases, or positive affirmation. Place it under your candle, light, and manifest!