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Bath Trip Bathing Experience


Our newest offering. We hand blend in small batches these very special bathing elixirs.  A mix of the finest botanicals we could source from all over the world; a blend of hydrosols, oils and extracts to transport you to a place of wonder. Blends: ALL ORGANIC Mystic Desert Arizona Jojoba, Kashmir Saffron infused Sweet Almond Oil, Yucca Hydrosol and Pinion Pine essential oil. Hinoki Forest Green Tea Seed oil, Aloe Vera Hydrosol, Hinoki Wood essential oil and Yuzu essential oil. Wild Yonder  Aloe Vera Oil, Frankincense Hydrosol, Orange essential oil and Frankincense Sacra (sacred) essential oil. Into the Tropics Guava Seed Oil, Vanilla Bean Hydrosol, Coconut oil and  Vanilla infused Jojoba. 1.7 ounce glass bottle. Shake well, pour in bath. Enough 1 to 3 baths, depending on your preference. Made with the best of intentions. Good vibes and Good luck.