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Clarity Oil Roll on


Clarity Fragrance Oil feels like a deep breath in a drizzly forest. The mixture of Douglas Fir and grassy Vetiver are a crisp exhale from ancient trees. The spiciness of Angelica Root cuts through brain frog and sharpens your mind. A hint of sweet Basil lingers at the end to calm your thoughts. A deep breath in a drizzly forest, the vegetal, woody scent of Douglas Fir and Ancient Vetiver feel like a crisp exhale from ancient trees.

.33 oz

Douglas Fir

Like forest bathing in an oil. Our Douglas Fir was wild harvested in the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia. Its scent is like a forest breath. Fresh pine needles commingle with the earthy aroma of wet soil, for a deeply camphorous, verdant smell full of nuance.

Smelling this Vetiver is like a stroll through a vibrant field of emerald green. The aroma of fresh cut grass blends with warm, woody undertones. It’s citric and resinous, with a slap of minerality. Grassy, earthy, transportive.

Angelica Root
With a deep undertone of greenness, the aroma of Angelica Root subtly transforms as you take it in. It’s delicate yet peppery, musky yet floral. Deep and dark with a hint of spice, like a walk in wild subarctic forests.