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All day hydration. An uplifting blend of calendula and rosemary sets your body in a mode of resilience. We formulated this body oil with the goal of giving you the benefits of the sun, even on the days when it’s not shining. Calendula oil from Marigold flowers grown in our founder's own backyard act as the perfect antidote for tired and sore muscles. Our special aromatherapy blend of lavender and blood orange calms the senses and boosts mood. Rice bran oil is rich in vitamins and works on softening and deeply hydrating the skin. Glow off.




  • Super hydrating & non-greasy
  • Healing & calming to all skin types
  • Soothes the skin
  • All-natural alternative to cream or lotion

net wt. 4 oz / 120 ml
made in the USA.

Cruelty Free

Clean Ingredients



How it Works

  • Disconnect - and put your devices on airplane mode.
  • Treat - your body to a pursoma bath soak or body polish before oil application.
  • After - the shower or bath, always leave the skin dewy. Do not completely towel dry.
  • Pause - and inhale the therapeutic aroma by taking six deep slow breaths cupping body oil in your hands.
  • Anoint - yourself from head to toe, paying special attention to sore joints or rough spots.
  • Stretch - reaching your arms high into the air and taking one deep breath as you bring your arms down.