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Before and After Information

Getting Ready for your Session

Avoid any skin treatments that might irritate or disrupt your skins natural balance 7-10 days before your brow appt. We want to be able to work on healthy skin. 

- Any hair removal in the treated area must be done at least 3 days prior to your appt. 

- Avoid any medications that might thin your blood including but not limited to ibprofin, aleve, Advil, or aspirin. Please consult your Doctor before stopping any medication. 

 - Limit or avoid alcohol consumption 24 hrs before your appt. 

- Avoid caffeine the day of your appt. 

- If you’re receiving Botox or fillers please do so at least 2-3 weeks before or after your appt. Failure in this could have effect on your overall brow symmetry and results can not be guaranteed. 

- If you use Retin A or any Retinol products please refrain for at least 7 days prior to your appt. See aftercare for more details.


First and for most trust this process. Do not over think your healing. There is an ebb and flow to this process for sure, just trust it! Please follow these aftercare instructions for the next 10-14 days. These are very important and are designed to help in achieving optimal results. 

During the first 4-5 days it’s important that you keep your brows clean and treated with the barrier cream that was provided to you. 

We recommend gently wiping your brows every 2-3 hours using lukewarm water and a cotton round, gently pat dry and apply a THIN application of your barrier cream with a Q-tip. This helps to remove any lymph fluid that may build up and helps aid in a smoother healing process. 

As you head into the second week of the healing process you may experience mild flaking, possible scabbing and your brows may get a little itchy. It is crucial that you DO NOT PICK or scratch. That could result in prematurely pulling out the pigment. 

Listen to your skin, if your brows are feeling dry, apply a little cream. It’s ok. We want your skin to be happy. Remember the cream is just a LIGHT even application. 

During the 10-14 days you need to AVOID any activity that will induce sweating. 

AVOID direct sunlight on your brows during the healing process. 

AVOID any cosmetics or other facial products on the brow area while healing. Nothing but the barrier cream will go on them for 10-14 days. 

It is ok to bathe or shower like normal. AVOID any shampoos, facial cleansers or other soaps in the brow area for 10-14 days. 

Please not that there is no written guarantee and all results will vary.

What to Expect

The first 24 hours after your procedure it is common to feel as though you have a mild sunburn and you may experience mild swelling.

The first couple of days you can expect BOLDER, darker and sharper looking brows. Generally speaking it usually lasts about 3 days but could last up to a week. Obviously everyone will heal differently so again just trust the process. As the new skin starts to regenerate and flaking subsides you may notice that stokes seem lighter and in some cases gone. Remember, healing is a process and skin has to completely regenerate. New skin is a bit thicker and more opaque there for it may TEMPORARILY cause it to appear that your pigment is lighter. It can take about 6-8 weeks for your pigments true color to become evident. Be patient. Only after 6 weeks can any adjustments be made if necessary.