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Ethically harvested in New Mexico, our juniper hydrosol is known for its ability to promote cellular turnover; juniper is excellent for oily skin types, ingrown hairs, and acne. Fights both inflammation and bacteria.


 For Botnia Juniper hydrosol is a core ingredient in our medicine cabinet because unlike other hydrosols it exfoliates and works to gently balance build up of dead skin cells through its naturally occurring juniperic acid. A rare hydrosol that is gentle and exfoliating

Seasonal skin care is a new “it” word in the skincare industry, and for me it's not the golden rule as an esthetician and formulator, because it’s too general. I do however see patterns in skin based on the season and winter is a dryer time of year when you might be in need of the gentle exfoliating nature of this tonic. If this rings true for you, I suggest using our juniper hydrosol after washing and before moisturizing twice daily. This hydrosol is also amazing for congested acne prone skin or teenage hormonal acne, and ingrown hairs. 

In order to have enough for Estheticians to use all over the USA, we hold most of our Juniper hydrosol for the treatment room. This year we produced 500 bottles for you. We only release it to the general public once a year, and when it’s gone, it’s gone. And as sad as it makes me have such a limited run on this powerful key ingredient It's in alignment with the special nature of this particular offering I make for you. Because I care deeply for the story and the earth it comes from, because it's the essence of the way you receive care. From my family to yours I hope you use this hydrosol in good health. 

With love, Justine