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My Body, My Home


A Radical Guide to Resilience and Self Love

My Body, My Home is an interactive self-care workbook guide to belonging, and healing your disconnect between body and mind. It is a path to self-acceptance and resilience.

My Body, My Home is for those who have left their bodies - those who needed to escape from their physical form in one way or another - either due to trauma or simply as a result of the constant onslaught of unhealthy messages regarding body image. It is a gentle reminder of why you belong and a guide to connecting to yourself.

With a variety of soothing meditations and prompts for reflection, this workbook focuses on the relationship between you and your body. Have you left yourself? What does it mean to feel grounded and safe? To whom, what, and where do you belong?

As you reflect on these questions, My Body, My Home encourages you to write in the margins, draw what you feel, and engage with your inner child, your lineage, and your shadow self.