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Olamina Feverfew Tincture


Made from just two ingredients: organic Feverfew flower and non-gmo spirits, our Feverfew tincture is a classic “simple”—a preparation of a single medicinal plant. Simples are perfect for those who need the powers of one herbal ally to meet a specific need.



Feverfew is an anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving member of the Aster family that has a long history in traditional healing systems for the treatment of migraines, allergies and inflammation. Feverfew helps to reduce reactivity in tissues and has been used when eruptive, inflammatory conditions present on the skin. Keep this one in your go-bag.


High proof non-GMO spirits, Feverfew* (Tanacetum parthenium) leaf and flower, water

* Organic


Shake well. Take two to three dropperfuls as needed