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In the heart of northern New Mexico's expansive wilderness, the Pecos Wilderness cradles the spirit of the Wild West. This ground has seen the rise and fall of many—from indigenous tribes to Civil War soldiers—drawn by its untamed beauty and fertile lands. It's a place that evokes the fables of Pecos Bill, the coyote-raised cowboy who tamed the wild stallion called Widowmaker, and whose tales stirred my imagination and love for this terrain.

My family has roots in New Mexico, its also where my partner's childhood unfolded in an Earthship, an off-grid self-sustaining home, on the fringe of the Pecos Wilderness. The land now partially hosts my father-in-law, in a remote nook cradled by the Pecos River, a sanctuary of wilderness accessible only by a wild dirt road, amidst petroglyphs, wildlife, and piñon trees.

This past spring, my family, delicately harvested piñon for a hydrosol imbued with the land's wild essence. Each hydrosol is unique, yet this one is exceptional, a distillation of the raw northern New Mexico desert. The piñon, with its crisp and almost spicy aroma, paints the air of Santa Fe during the holidays, a scent that's both nostalgic and grounding.

Our piñon hydrosol is a lovingly crafted remedy, ideal for oilier, sensitive, or blemish-prone skin, and serves to purify your space and soothe your wounds. It is an embodiment of home, warmth, and comfort. With this hydrosol, I share a piece of my family's heart and the enchanting wilderness of New Mexico, wishing you health and joy this holiday season.

SIZE 3.4 FL OZ. (100 ML)
SKIN TYPE For most skin types
INGREDIENTS New Mexico wildcrafted pinus edulis (piñon hydrosol)
HOW TO USE Apply morning and evening to freshly cleansed skin before moisturizing. All Botnia products are made with organic ingredients and are meant to be used fresh.